Sustain: Revolutionary Services


Assata’s Daughters embodies our politics by providing revolutionary services to young Black people for the purposes of sustaining their involvement in the movement. Our young people receive food to combat hunger, payment for their labor, access to assistance navigating capitalism, access to mental health resources, and short-term assistance in critical times.


Revolutionary services available to young people varies by their involvement.

Base: our base are young Black people who come to our responsive programs, workshops, and events. These young Black people have access to meals during those activities, and to the support supplied in Assata’s HomeQuarters including toiletries, sexual health items, and our jobs board.

Members: our members are those who have been accepted into the core programming. In addition to the revolutionary services provided our base, members receive weekly stipends and targeted support plans.

Leaders: our leaders are those who have completed core programming and have been accepted into the Leaders’ Circle. In addition to the revolutionary services provided our members, leaders receive increased stipends, more individualized support plans, and direct mentorship.