“The major job was getting people to understand that they had something within their power that they could use, and it could only be used if they understood what was happening and how group action could counter violence.” –Ella Baker


Demand:  Anita Alvarez must be voted out of office.


-On Wednesday, February 17th, a group led by Veronica interrupted Anita at UofC event.

-On Friday, February 20th, the Collective met to plan month of escalating against Anita.

-On Saturday, February 21st, ByeAnita zines were distributed at Free Black Women’s Library.

-On Tuesday, February 23rd Collective interrupted/mic checked Annual C.F. Stradford Awards Ceremony (bourgie Black event)

-On Wednesday morning, February 24th the Collective blocked the entrance to Maggiano’s for Alvarez fundraiser hosted by the City Club of Chicago. Collective then marched.

On Wednesday evening, February 24th, we mic checked the States Attorney Candidates Forum at Kent College of Law, and then flyered in the lobby.

-On Sunday, February 28th, the Collective reconvened and developed a calendar of tactics to escalate against Anita.

-On Monday, March 1st, the Collective blocked entrances, rallied and had allies mic check in Oak Lawn at the Southside St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser.

-On Tuesday, March 8th, the Collective led a train takeover asking voters to commit to voting Anita out.

-On Wednesday, March 9th and on Thursday, March 10th, Page and VLA students led a train takeover

-On Friday, March 11th, Collective blocked traffic on Van Buren and Racine at Trump Rally.

-On Saturday, March 12th, the Collective coordinated a train takeover and spoke at Silver Room asking for voters to vote Anita out.

-On Saturday-Sunday, March 12th-13th, Collective coordinated jail and court support for ByeAnita DumpTrump arrests.

-On Monday, March 14th, Collective dropped 16 banners throughout the city saying ByeAnita/We <3 Laquan.

-On Monday, March 14th, Collective mic checked, rallied supporters and flyered at Bernie rally.

-On Tuesday, March 15th, Collective coordinated 2 planes saying ByeAnita flying over city.


-BLM Chicago, BYP 100, fierce femmes of FLY, Assata’s Daughters

-Allies: OCAD, CLAW, Rapid Response Team, Mijente, For the People Artists Collective


-On Feb. 2nd out of 968 registered voters, 34% supported Alvarez compared to Foxx’ 27%

-On March 15th, election day, 1,066,001 people voted, 58% voted Foxx, 28% voted Alvarez.

Corresponding Actions:

-Asians Against Anita Alvarez held a press conference and led train takeovers

-OCAD and Mijente led door knocking and voter education in Latino communities

-Mariame led online voter education

-Allies routinely flyered and left zines throughout the city


Black Chicago Activists to Fly “Chicago Stands with Laquan, Hillary Stands with Rahm #Bye Anita #ByeRahm” Banners Along Chicago Skyline

 As Activists Drop Banners Targeting Anita Alvarez Around the City, Planes Carry Message Tying Clinton to Mayor Emanuel

March 14, 2016 – Chicago, IL

Final voter engagement before the March 15th Primary in Chicago is taking to the sky today as airplanes are set to fly with banners highlighting the link between Hillary Clinton to the unpopular Rahm Emanuel and the state’s attorney, Anita Alvarez, with whom he covered up Laquan McDonald’s murder during his own re-election campaign. This is one of a series of 16 banners that will be released throughout the city all pushing the messaging that Anita Alvarez must go.  

Assata’s Daughters is an intergenerational collective of Black women and girls. This demographic represents both the largest growing prison population and those leading protests against state violence in Chicago.  Tess Raser, of the organization, explains, “Tell me who you know, and I’ll tell you who you are. To this day, Hillary Clinton still supports Chicago’s anti-black mayor. He conspired with State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez during his own re-election campaign to cover up the police murder of Laquan McDonald — a life that to Emmanuel, Alvarez and Clinton did not matter – and any politician who supports him is implicated in it. Anti-black politicians are not welcome in Chicago whether they are running for President or State’s Attorney.”

To follow the banner releases follow: #ByeAnita #ByeHillary #ResignRahm#16Banners for #16Shots