Deepen: Political Education

Assata’s Daughters utilizes a popular education model to provide political education to young Black people for the purposes of deepening the knowledge of those who will contribute to the movement for Black Liberation.

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Responsive Political Education Program

Our responsive political education program provides a space for the young Black people who make up our base to drop in and explore the systems of power and oppression that shape their world. During our drop-in hours young people can discuss their day and the things they are struggling with; receive a meal; and gain access to the revolutionary support supplied in Assata’s HomeQuarters including toiletries, sexual health items, and our jobs board.  Our goal for the responsive political education program is to provide a space full of safety, nourishment, mentorship, community, and core political education principles.

Core Political Education Program

Our core political education program provides a space for the young Black people who make up our membership to deepen their political analysis of power and oppression through scaffolded lessons. This program is broken down into two age-based sections, the Akerele program is for young Black people ages 6-13, and Assata’s University is for young Black teens.


ah-keh-REH-leh | one who is strong in spite of being small

Through our Akerele program, we introduce young people, ages 6-13 to Assata Shakur and her revolutionary politic and love of Black people. Akerele participate in workshops that teach them about power and oppression, and help them understand their role in a long history of Black freedom fighting. We also provide opportunities and support to help them tap into their skills as leaders and future organizers in the larger movement for Black liberation.

Assata’s University

Assata’s University “AU” is a multi-year training program that brings Chicago teens together to study, train, and build community. AU provides a space for young Black people to gather and build upon their knowledge together. Young Black people gather in small circles for robust learning through participatory workshops, and study of topics such as Black feminist theory, the modern Prison Industrial Complex, toxic masculinity, patriarchy and abolition.

As members, those in AU receive all membership benefits including stipends, targeted individualized revolutionary support, voting power, and paid monthly community outings.

Peer Facilitation Program

Our peer facilitation program provides a space for our members who have completed the core political education program to learn to facilitate political education lessons through popular education. Members in this program are known as the Azubike, and members must apply for these roles. Azubike receive youth development and facilitation training, stipends, monthly bus passes, and a summer trip. Additionally, Azubike are apart of the Leaders’ Circle and have access to those benefits.