What is Direct Action?

Quite simply, direct action is when a group of people work together to fix a problem that directly impacts them. It may be angry. It may be hopeful. It will be confrontational.

At its core is an analysis of power, a focus on building relationships, and an intention to transform the relations of power. 

In our direct action organizing, we bring Chicagoans together to address the many injustices in our city and the world. We organize for abolition: of the police, prisons, and all other forms of anti-blackness. Collectively, we work to build up alternative institutions and the means for self-determination.


Our Statements

Since our founding in 2005, we have led and participated in several campaigns; including #ByeAnita, #RememberRekia, and #StopTheRaids.

Check our Collective Statements to learn more.