An Intergenerational Collective

We are all Black. We are all organizers. We all share an identity or socialization as women & girls.

As a collective, we are committed to a decentralized model and consensus-based decision-making. We have an intentionally small group of adult members, admitting only a few new adults each year. We maintain this slow-growth in the interest of our young people and organizational sustainability.

We work hard, we study, we push ourselves, we love and challenge each other, and we fight together to get free.


Within our collective, there are several different roles. Young people, ages 4-19, are members of either our Akerele or Ominra programs. Adults may either work as program coordinators or on a support team. We also have several volunteers who contribute to our work as non-members.


Our collective structure is organized into four main inputs of work, intersecting and supporting each other. We call this our X Model. We have developed this model in order to both balance the demands of running multiple, independent programs while also respecting our principles of non-hierarchal leadership.

The "X" Model

Support Teams

All of our programs require a wide range of tasks to complete. We organize this work into 8 teams: Recruitment & Onboarding; Finance; Logistics; Communications; Facilitation; Curriculum; Accountability; and General Membership.

Members may be part of up to 2 teams in addition to General Membership. Each team is responsible for fulfilling the tasks required of them for each program.

Program Coordinators

Members who consistently fulfill all membership requirements and have been active for at least 6 months can become Program Coordinators. Coordinators direct and manage a whole specific program (such as the Akerele or Ominira youth programs).

They are responsible for developing a year-long project plan & budget, and communicating out what is needed from the larger collective to achieve it. Upon approval from the collective, Coordinators work to carry out this plan and maintain the program.

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Internal Coordination

The upper-half of the X ensures the strategic planning and deployment of our multiple programs.

To ensure smooth and cohesive operations, 1-2 Adult members focus on tracking all upcoming events, and communicating reminders and updates to the whole group.

Political Education

Organizing for liberation demands the continuous evolution of our political analysis, knowledge of history, organizing skills, and teaching pedagogy.

For our Akerele and Ominira, we provide year-long political education programming. Adult members are required to maintain weekly independent study, participate in monthly collective discussion circles, and attend annual trainings.